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la-panda-mayor asked: Last year I lent 3 books to my father: the boy in the striped pyjamas, the perfume by Patrick Süskind and "los cuentos del chino" (panamanian author). He still hasn't returned them.


People not returning books to me is why I have trust issues. Like, honestly, there are a select list of people allowed to take my books away and I write their names down on a list with the books they took and I keep track because if a book isn’t returned I am so unhappy. My copy of The Giver was missing for like 6 months once and it was terrible. I did eventually get it back. I hate books being gone. I wish you luck in getting your books back! Maybe try casually mentioning it to him next time you talk to him. Not even as a “can I have my books back?” mention but maybe a “how did you like those books I lent you?” and that way you can get a better idea of where they are and when you might get them back. 

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Camino siempre por estas playas, entre la arena y la espuma. La marea alta borrará mis huellas, y el viento se llevará la espuma. Pero el mar y la playa serán eternamente.
Kahlil Gibrán

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Yo: Abuela ¿Qué hay de almuerzo?

Abuela: Una riquísima sopa de carne con verduras.

Yo: No me gusta la sopa.

Abuela: ¡Es lo que hay! Si no le gusta vaya al restaurante.

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